Podwójnie ciche to popołudnie

The Clouds

Doubly silent the afternoon

By virtue of empty summer, and of a flame

Overflowing, is it from this vase

Or from somewhere higher in the sky?

So we’ve slept: I don’t know how many

Summers in the light; and I don’t know

In what spaces our eyes are opening.

I listen, nothing vibrates, nothing ends.

Desire shaping the image, lost in thought,

Barely turns, on its simple axis, the clay

Of a dream awekening, soaked with darkness.

Yet the sun buzzes at the windowpane

And, its soul wrapped its red elytra,

Drops, but peacefully, toward the land of the dead.

—Yves Bonnefoy


2 myśli na temat “Podwójnie ciche to popołudnie

  1. The land of the dead is behind the windowpane
    of all these words that make you feel alive
    and all these burnt desires that left you dull
    like a vase full of withered flowers
    once gleaming with light and color
    but fading slowly like a tired afternoon
    falling in the shadows and soaking in silence
    under the empty sky of all broken summers


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